MESSAGES 2014 :: DECEMBER 23, 2014

FYI From DPI - Training Great Teachers and School Leaders

Dr. Lori Rose spent much of her career as a hospital nurse or in clinical research. When her last position in healthcare ended in 2012 and after volunteering in her sister's first grade classroom, she decided to follow in the footsteps of others in her family and enter the teaching profession.

Dr. Rose knew she would need help during the transition from the hospital room to the classroom, so in 2013 she joined the North Carolina Teacher Corps (NCTC). The NCTC is DPI initiative funded through Race to the Top to recruit, train, and support lateral entry teachers in North Carolina school districts with specific staffing needs. Thanks to the NCTC, Dr. Rose participated in many professional development sessions and received ongoing personal coaching from DPI's Educator Effectiveness Division (which will lose 25 positions when Race to the Top ends in June 2015). She also completed the NCTC Summer Institute, including a condensed student teaching experience, and continued professional development based on the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards. At the same time, she worked on a rigorous plan of study at Appalachian State University to earn her North Carolina Professional Teaching License.

Today, Dr. Rose is a fantastic Career and Technical Education teacher at City of Medicine Academy (Durham Public Schools) where her students complete requirements for high school graduation, professional health care certifications, and college transfer credits. After a successful year teaching health science, Dr. Rose was even hired by NCTC to develop curriculum during the summer. According to Dr. Rose, the support and coaching she received from DPI will enable her to provide high quality instruction and mentoring to her students for many years to come.

DPI's Educator Effectiveness Division staff members also:

Develop and facilitate hundreds of statewide and regional face-to-face and online professional development sessions focused on the Teacher Evaluation System, the Standard Course of Study and Home Base. During the fourth round of face-to-face Summer Institutes held for teachers in 2014, 88% of participants agreed/strongly agreed that the experience "will help to develop their district level strategic plan for professional development." Watch NC teachers discuss their Summer Institute experiences in the brief video here.

Create and facilitate more than 51+ online learning modules in the Home Base Professional Development System. To date, DPI has issued over 330,435 certificates and enrolled over 182, 804 educators in these learning modules.

Partner with DPI's Read to Achieve Consultants to offer training covering all aspects of the Read to Achieve law. Titles of sessions include: "New to Reading 3D," "What Does Good Reading Instruction Look Like: A Principal's Guide" and more. Informal surveys of local superintendents indicate that professional development is ranked as one of the most important services provided to districts from DPI.

Created the application, selection and pathway process for The Governor's Teacher Network, which launched in June 2014 with 450 participants who are creating some of the "best practices" in digital learning today. ยท Recruit and retain highly effective educators through National Board certification, Troops to Teachers, and statewide Teacher and Principal of the Year programs.

Since at least 1996 and up until the state's receipt of Race to the Top funding in 2010, the General Assembly has invested in a recurring appropriation (average $9 million a year) to improve educator effectiveness. There is no question that effective teachers are game-changers for student achievement so we look forward to working with lawmakers to maintain the historic state investment in this important effort.