MESSAGES 2015 :: JANUARY 16, 2015


Dr. Atkinson Highlights Important Stories to Education in Latest Blog Post
In her latest blog post, Dr. Atkinson shares her thoughts about the stories that will be important in public education in our state in 2015. To view this and earlier blog posts, please visit

NCDPI Biennial Report for 2012-14 Now Online
The Biennial Report for the NCDPI is available on the Web at “Momentum…Every Child Ready,” highlights our growth and success during 2012-14, as well as the Budget Request to the North Carolina General Assembly for 2015-17.

Teacher Feature New in the Home Base Toolbox
Check out our newest feature in the Home Base Toolbox – short videos that highlight how teachers are using Home Base’s Instructional Improvement System, SchoolNet, in their daily instruction. To view our inaugural video from Newton-Conover teacher James Frye, please visit If you’re a classroom teacher with an innovative SchoolNet instructional strategy that you would like to share, send an email to

Exceptional Children Updates

  • Spring Tuition Awards Available for Special Education Teachers
    Limited spring tuition awards are available for special education teachers working toward meeting provisional license requirements. Under this tuition program, employed bachelor-level special education teachers with a provisional license may receive the actual cost of tuition for one approved spring course to cover up to $140 per semester hour as long as they earn a final grade of "B" or higher. These costs are paid by the Exceptional Children Division on a reimbursement basis. If the tuition is above the $140 per semester hour rate, it will be the responsibility of the recipient to pay the difference. These awards are made on a first-come, first-served basis as long as federal grant funds are available. Copies of this application packet are available to download at

  • State Advisory Council Announces Meeting Dates for 2015
    The 2015 meeting dates for the State Advisory Council on Educational Services for Exceptional Children are available on the Exceptional Children website at The meetings are held four times a year in Raleigh and open to the public. Information also includes meeting times and locations.

  • PRTFs Material on the Web
    Documents related to EC program approval for Psychiatric Residential Residential Treatment Facilities have been added to the Exceptional Children website at The material includes information related to:
    • Non-Public General Information
    • Non-Public On Site Activities
    • Non-Public Prerequisites
    • Non-Public Self-Assessment


Featured Publications at NCDPI

A new year brings several new publications to NCDPI Publication Sales. Check out the latest additions to our collection of books, brochures, posters and more. To order any of our new or current releases, please call 800.663.1250 or visit Publication Sales on the web at

North Carolina Read to Achieve - What Every Parent of a Third Grader Needs to Know
Are you familiar with Read to Achieve? Do you know how the program will impact your third grader? Have you heard about reading camps or portfolios? "North Carolina Read to Achieve - What Every Parent of a Third Grader Needs to Know," is a brochure designed to educate parents of third-grade students about the Read to Achieve program. The brochure provides answers to frequently asked questions and links to additional resources so parents can help their children at home. (50 per pack)
CM195, $8, 2015

Report on Education Legislation (From the 2014 Session of the General Assembly)
This includes summaries of all legislation affecting public education - individual bills, special provisions of the budget, and the “money report.” It also includes copies of individually passed bills and relevant portions of the budget. The book serves as a reference for legislation that will be codified until revised editions of the statutes are available. Please note: this report does not replace the "Public School Laws of North Carolina" publication.
SL115, $25, 2014

What Can a Small Bird Be?
Back by popular demand! North Carolina high school students created this beautifully illustrated and wonderfully written book during an arts residency project. "What Can a Small Bird Be?" is a collection of powerful tales that illuminate character education traits. Bird, the protagonist, embarks on a long journey that leads him to self -discovery by lending a helping hand to a cast of animal friends.
IS174, $5, 2011