MESSAGES 2015 :: JANUARY 16, 2015

NC School Report Cards Data Preview Now Open; Site Functionality Webinar to be Held Today

To:North Carolina Superintendents / Principals / Public Information Officers

From: Diane Dulaney, State School Report Card Coordinator, NC Department of Public Instruction,

Thank you for your patience as we work through the issues with our new School Report Cards site. The site is now open for review. As before, the site is operating at a lower capacity than it will when it goes live on Feb. 5. During the preview period, we will need your assistance with managing the load on the servers. I have revised the schedule so that every LEA has a full day to review the site. On business days, please access the site only on your assigned day. LEA/Charter # - Preview Access
800-999 - Friday, January 16
600-799 - Tuesday, January 20
400-599 - Wednesday, January 21
200-399 - Thursday, January 22
010-199 - Friday, January 23

Here is the new link to the School Report Cards site:

Also, there are a few known data issues I want to make you aware of. We are working on corrections for these issues, so you do not need to submit an issue ticket at this time.

  • Some of the school/district contact information may be out-of-date (ex. Superintendent name, school address). We have generated a new file out of EDDIE using the most current information to correct these errors.
  • Many schools appear under two or more names. (ex. Career Academy and Technical S and Career Academy and Technical School). Multiple school names are appearing if the name of the school (or the way the school was named in the Accountability data) changed over the years. A new file has been created that will standardize a school name across all years to the name displayed in EDDIE for 2013-14.

These new files should be loaded into the system by COB Tuesday so that you can verify that the changes have been made. I will send a notice to the School Report Cards Coordinators when the new files are loaded and ready to be viewed.

The webinar regarding site functionality has been rescheduled for today, Friday, January 16, at 3:00 PM. The registration information is below:

Please register for School Report Cards Navigation on Jan 16, 2015 3:00 PM EST at:

Please join us for a tour of the new School Report Cards website. These helpful tips for navigating the site will make it easier to complete your review of the SRC data. The webinar is intended for SRC Coordinators, Principals and District Office staff.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Best, Diane

Diane Dulaney
NC School Report Card State Coordinator
Functional Business Analyst, P-20W Project
Division of Data, Research & Federal Policy
NC Department of Public Instruction