MESSAGES 2015 :: FEBRUARY 2, 2015

NC School Report Cards Update

To: North Carolina Superintendents / Principals / Public Information Officers

From: Diane Dulaney, State School Report Card Coordinator, NC Department of Public Instruction,

The 2013-14 School Report Cards site is open today, Monday, February 2, between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, to SRC Coordinators, Superintendents, Principals, and Public Information Officers.

The limited opening of the site is to test the functionality and load capabilities of the new site, and to allow you to verify the new School Size and Attendance data that were loaded over the weekend.

For this test, visit From here click on "2013-14 School Report Cards" on main page or on the "2013-14 NC School Report Cards" button in the left-hand navigation to access your school and district data.

All traffic for the 2013-14 Report Cards will be routed via, which contains user guides, FAQs and additional information on this release, to the SAS Visual Analytics site. Please communicate to all of your stakeholders this link change.

This site preview is to test site functionality, load capacity, and the connection between the and the SAS Visual Analytics site. We will not accept requests for data corrections, except for School Size and Attendance.

The school size data (Average Daily Membership – ADM) is available here: (about half way down the page).

If you encounter any difficulties with the site, please contact your SRC Coordinator. The list of SRC Coordinators may be found here: