MESSAGES 2015 :: MARCH 13, 2015

RttT Wireless Infrastructure Initiative Update from NCDPI

Several Superintendents, Finance Officers, and Technology Officers have contacted DPI asking for updates on the status of the RttT Wireless Infrastructure Initiative. We understand that you may be anxious – as are we! – to get all the key elements in place to make these important infrastructure upgrades happen. Rest assured that we, too, are pushing hard to make sure you get the best products, services, and prices available…all within what we understand is an ambitious timeline.

We hope the following information will alleviate some of your concerns:

  1. Per this USAC announcement, LEAs now have until April 16 (rather than March 26) to file form 471s.
  2. The State-wide contracts for equipment and services are approved by State procurement and now need only vendor signatures – we expect to have signed contracts in place by Tuesday, 3/17. We will notify you as soon as the contracts are in place, so that you may begin engaging awarded vendors to complete your form 471.
  3. The State-wide contract includes assurances by each awarded vendor that prices offered through this contract will be the lowest offered by the vendor anywhere in NC.
  4. The US Department of Education (USED) has formally approved the additional $10.4 million in RttT funds NCDPI proposed for the Wireless Infrastructure Initiative (to add to the $4.6 million that was approved in September). This means that the State Board is now free to approve, in early April, $15 million in RttT funds to go to LEAs to cover the local portion of e-Rateable purchases.

Please continue to contact us if you have questions. We are excited to partner with you to significantly increase students' wireless internet access across NC!


CFO Philip Price

CIO Michael Nicolaides

RttT Director Adam Levinson