MESSAGES 2015 :: MARCH 26, 2015


Instructional Videos for NC School Report Card on the Web
The NC School Report Card website features several new instructional resources to help visitors navigate through NC School Report Card website and find data. To view the newest additions, plus other resources, visit

  • Understanding the North Carolina School Report Card
    This video introduces the NC School Report Cards website and explains how to navigate through the different elements of the NC School Report Cards.
  • How Do I Print a School Report Card Snapshot?
    This video explains how to print the Snapshot, or PDF version, of the NC School Report Cards.

Albemarle Middle School Teachers Featured in Home Base “Teacher Spotlight”
The latest Teacher Spotlight features a dynamic duo from Albemarle Middle School in Stanly County. Casey Maner and Jennifer Walker share how they use the data from Schoolnet to inform instruction and support students in areas that require remediation. To view this and other Teacher Spotlight videos, please visit If you’re a classroom teacher with an innovative SchoolNet instructional strategy that you would like to share, send an email to

NCDPI Data Calendar Lists Required Data Reports for 2015-16
The NCDPI’s annual data calendar serves as the master schedule of all recurring annual data reports required by the agency. The list of required data submissions for 2015-16 is available to review at

March’s SBE Newsletter on the Web
The March newsletter for the State Board of Education, “From the Board Room,” is available on the State Board of Education website at Read about the how the state’s dropout and school crime rates continue to decline, two North Carolina schools that have been recognized as National Title I Distinguished Schools, and more.


Featured Publications at NCDPI

To order, please call 800.663.1250, or visit Publications Sales on the web at

“North Carolina Read to Achieve – What Every Parent of a Third Grader Needs to Know”
Are you familiar with Read to Achieve? Do you know how the program will impact your third grader? Have you heard about reading camps or portfolios? "North Carolina Read to Achieve - What Every Parent of a Third Grader Needs to Know," is a brochure designed to educate parents of third-grade students about the Read to Achieve program. The brochure provides answers to frequently asked questions and links to additional resources so parents can help their children at home. We just received a large supply of brochures. Order your copies now. (50 per pack)
CM195, $8, 2015

Certificate of Honor
Students like to be recognized for their academic achievements. Show them how much you value their efforts by presenting a Certificate of Honor award. The certificate is designed to recognize students who made the honor roll. (100 per pack)
A-3, 2005, $10

Certificate of Award
Do you have a group of students that deserve special recognition? Let them know how much you appreciate their hard work by presenting a Certificate of Award. This certificate is designed to honor students, and may be completed by the teacher or principal. (100 per pack)
A-4, 2005, $10

Certificate of Appreciation
Pay it forward for special people in your school by presenting them with a Certificate of Appreciation. This general certificate is appropriate to present to staff when you want to recognize a job well done. (100 per pack)
A-5, 2005, $10