MESSAGES 2015 :: MARCH 31, 2015

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High School Diploma Endorsements & NC Academic Scholars Seal Orders

To: LEA Superintendents, Public Information Officers, High School Principals From: Dr. Rebecca Garland, NCDPI Deputy State Superintendent The NC State Board of Education has approved the recognition of five high school diploma endorsements for students graduating from high school in 2015 and later. These endorsements are:

  • North Carolina Academic Scholar
  • North Carolina Career Endorsement
  • North Carolina College Endorsement
  • North Carolina College/UNC Endorsement
  • North Carolina Global Language Endorsement

To view the requirements for each endorsement, please see the Board policies GLS-L-003 (NC Academic Scholars) and GCS-L-007 (all other endorsements) at Details regarding the endorsement requirements also are available at / For students earning these endorsements, we have created artwork files for seals that can be applied to the students' high school diploma or provided to students to use in diploma framing. The artwork and specifications are available online at . LEAs and schools may select a local printer to produce these seals. As in the past, NCDPI will provide the NC Academic Scholar seals to you free of charge. This is the final year that these will be available from NCDPI. Please complete the attached form to request the NC Academic Scholar seals for students in your high school who are expected to meet these requirements. Please complete and return this form no later than May 20, 2015. As a reminder, each of these endorsements also will be printed on students' final transcripts as well. If you have questions about this process, please contact Sneha Shah-Coltrane, 919.807.3849;

2015 Order Form NC Academic Scholar Seals
(doc, 31kb)