MESSAGES 2015 :: APRIL 2, 2015

APRIL 2, 2015 - Principals' Biweekly Message

Snow and ice altered the plans for many schools this year, and the NCDPI was not left out of the impact. Two of the READY V webinars were affected by inclement weather and were cancelled, but we did hold one of them on a new date. We’ve also just posted a recording of the READY V webinar online at for anyone to view. As you may recall, READY V topics covered teacher status and what to expect this year, educator effectiveness, what’s ahead for the next 18 months with the Standard Course of Study, and Home Base and how your neighbors are using it. I hope it is helpful to have this resource online for you.

June Atkinson

In this Biweekly Principals' Message:

  1. State Board of Education Meeting Highlights
  2. Statewide Convenience Contract for Canvas Learning Management System
  3. NCVPS Summer Registration Opened March 30
  4. NCVPS Middle School Catalog Expanding
  5. Governor’s Teacher Network: Teacher Leaders Share Research Across NC
  6. Global Languages Endorsement
  7. Global Educator Digital Badge for Teachers Archived Webinars
  8. Global Ready Schools Designation Application Now Available

State Board of Education Meeting Highlights

At today’s State Board meeting, members approved Race to the Top Wireless Infrastructure Initiative allocations, a policy addressing athletic injury prevention and management of athletic practices and games, the Board’s Appeals Panel recommendations regarding the revocation of charters for Children’s Village Academy and SEGS Academy, and the Charter School Advisory Board’s recommendation regarding PACE Academy. The Board also heard presentations on differentiated pay options, Concussion Reporting and Master Literacy training sessions. A complete list of Board actions will be available online Monday at

Statewide Convenience Contract for Canvas Learning Management System

The NCDPI is pleased to announce a statewide contract with Instructure, Inc., for its Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) service. The contract provides a vehicle for LEAs and charter schools to take advantage of the state’s negotiated pricing to purchase Instructure’s Canvas LMS service. At $3.74 per account, this LMS contract will provide districts and charter schools with significant savings over the $10+ per account with some of the current contracts across the state. This price point also will allow many districts to afford to purchase a full LMS with many additional features that will enable them to deliver personalized learning to all students. A memo containing additional details on the statewide contract and how to participate was sent to all local superintendents and charter school directors.

NCVPS Summer Registration Opened March 30

Registration for NCVPS summer classes opened March 30. Here are the details:

  • Visit to view the NCVPS summer catalog.
  • Allotments for summer enrollments are part of your 2015-16 allotment totals.
  • Districts need to identify summer contacts. NCVPS staff survey districts for school contact information.
  • Summer classes begin June 15 and end Aug. 7.

Please visit the NCVPS Summer 2015 web page at for more details.

NCVPS Middle School Catalog Expanding

The NCVPS middle school catalog is expanding to include the following four middle school courses next year:

  • Middle School Creative Writing
  • Visual Arts Specialization (6-8): Middle School Art
  • Visual Arts Specialization (6-8): Middle School Discovering Photography
  • Middle School Success 101

Each course will have approximately five hours of work each week. Students will have access from school and at home. Middle school students will still have access to high school courses, but these four courses are designed with middle school curriculum and will be taught by certified middle school teachers. To see the course descriptions, please visit

Governor’s Teacher Network: Teacher Leaders Share Research Across NC

The 425 outstanding North Carolina public school teachers in the Governor’s Teacher Network (GTN) are deep in curriculum study, writing and implementing action research at their school sites. These teachers are creating exceptional instructional unit sequences, which will be hosted in Schoolnet. Additionally, GTN teachers are presenting action research projects regionally and nationally. Action research projects will live in the professional development system of Home Base as online modules. Districts are hosting GTN showcases in regional meetings and several teachers shared their project work and learnings at the Collaborative Conference for Student Achievement in Greensboro held March 29 – April 2. Teachers also have an exciting opportunity to present their action research findings to educational leaders at NCCAT in Cullowhee for the GTN Research Symposium May 1 – 3. This is a great opportunity for educators across the state to learn from our teacher leaders in the field, sharing their cutting edge research findings. For more information, contact Governor’s Teacher Network Director Angela Jackson at

Global Languages Endorsement

The Global Languages Endorsement is available for the 2014-15 school year. The Global Languages Endorsement is one of five High School Diploma Endorsements that a student may earn as outlined in SBE Policy GCS-L-007. The purpose is to provide a way for students to show their multi-literacy in English and at least one World Language by meeting the following:

  • English/Language Arts: four required courses and a 2.5 GPA or above in those four courses.
  • World Languages: One of the following three options will allow students to meet this requirement. Students may add as many languages via these three options for which they qualify.
    1. an external test: list of DPI approved assessments (in forthcoming FAQs) with ACTFL scale aligned scores at Intermediate Low or higher;
    2. four high school level courses in the same World Language and 2.5 or higher GPA, which will be recorded on Endorsement as Intermediate Low (some of the four courses may be taken in middle school and only the courses taken in grades 9-12 will be counted towards the GPA); or
    3. credit by demonstrated mastery at Intermediate Low or higher.

Should a student also be identified as Limited English Proficient they will need to meet the ELA and World Language requirements and a minimum requirement based on their most recent ACCESS score. FAQs will be available in early April inclusive of requirements for tracking and reporting the Global Languages Endorsement in PowerSchool this year. For more information, please contact Helga Fasciano at

Global Educator Digital Badge for Teachers Archived Webinars

The principal and teacher archived webinars presented in January on the Global Educator Digital Badge for Teachers are now posted. You can access the webinars along with the Implementation Guide and FAQS on the process at

Global Ready Schools Designation Application Now Available

The State Board of Education approved the Global-Ready Schools Designation Rubric at its January meeting. This designation fulfills one of the action items from the SBE Task Force on Global Education Final Report, and provides the measure for the SBE strategic plan objective to track the number of schools designated as global ready. The spring 2015 application and a presentation on the application process for schools wanting to attain this designation are posted. For a copy of the Global Ready Schools Designation Rubric, the application and the presentation, please visit