MESSAGES 2015 :: MAY 15, 2015

House Budget Released & Reminder: Legislative Webinar at 11 am Today

Dear Superintendents,

Here's a note from NCDPI CFO Philip Price regarding the House Budget plus a reminder with log-in information for today's 11 a.m. Webinar.

Initial Version of the Education House Budget is Released

The House Appropriations Sub-Committee on Education began reviewing the House version of the Education Budget. In case you are having trouble with the link to the website, we have attached the Money Report and the Special Provisions. There are many highlights in the proposed Budget for public schools. The proposal

  • Fully funds what historically has been the Continuation Budget adjustments for student growth
  • Replaces the non-recurring money for Teacher Assistants with recurring funds (meaning, there would not be a cut in funding for FY 2015-16)
  • Significantly increases textbook funding (adds $50 million)
  • Adds the needed funding to assure connectivity to every classroom
  • Recognizes the importance of training and funding to prepare for digital learning by 2017
  • Addresses ways to compensate teachers based on student achievement factors (giving more flexibility to local school districts)

The released information does not include information about salary and benefit changes. Overall, the proposed House Budget continues the efforts of the State Board of Education and the Governor to find ways to reward and pay our teachers for their work while supplying funding to give teachers resources and tools to differentiate instruction for our students. While we continue to review all the material, the early review is that this is an excellent start to the General Assembly's Budget work.


Philip Price NCDPI CFO