MESSAGES 2015 :: JUNE 1, 2015

JUNE 1, 2015

Weekly Message for Superintendents: Monday, June 1, 2015

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Over the past months, many of you have asked questions about the wireless infrastructure initiative (PRC 160)

FCC Chairman Wheeler stated on May 9, 2015, "As projected last year, we will be able to fully fund eligible [2015] Wi-Fi applications thanks entirely to fiscal and programmatic reforms that freed up more than $1.5 billion for Wi-Fi" (source:

This statement gives us strong confidence that all of the requested Category 2 projects, including those leveraging PRC160 Wireless funds, will be fully funded by E-Rate. We have received a lot of questions from districts about how to begin ordering and installation. Here is our guidance:

  1. Talk to your Finance Officer! The DPI finance team has already approved 25 budget requests for the PRC160. Your Finance Officer knows how to get started.
  2. You must expend your RttT PRC 160 funds for goods and/or services by Aug. 15 or they will revert. Specifically, by Aug. 15, you must have received goods or services, been invoiced, and written checks. The only way many of you will be able to make this deadline is if you work with your vendor to purchase only the materials (such as access points) for the project by Aug. 15. You can then use E-Rate funding to complete the installation, configuration, and any other related work over the rest of the school year as you schedule it with your vendor.
  3. All scheduling of work and deliverables is between your selected vendor and you. DPI has communicated with the vendors about the Aug. 15 deadline for spending RttT funds and the suggested strategies for meeting this deadline.
  4. All invoices should reflect the line items of the purchase order (PO), which should reflect the line items of the Quote. This makes it easy for auditors and you to track expenditures.

June Atkinson
State Superintendent

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May 28, 2015
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In this Weekly Superintendents' Message:

  1. State Board of Education Meets This Week
  2. Superintendent Vacancy Announced: Hertford County Schools
  3. Finance Officers' Newsletter Online

State Board of Education Meets This Week

The State Board of Education will meet this Wednesday and Thursday in the 7th Floor Board Room, Education Building, Raleigh. Action items include approval of Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Grant recipients, revisions to the Teacher Evaluation Policy, NC Charter Schools Advisory Board Charter recommendations, and revisions to the Annual Performance Standards under the READY Accountability Model. Discussion items include an update to the policy governing school bus passengers, the NCDPI Digital Learning Plan, Career and Technical Education licensure requirements, and concussion safety requirements for interscholastic athletic competition.. The Board's full agenda and supporting executive summaries are available online at by clicking on the Meetings tab.

Superintendent Vacancy Announced: Hertford County Schools

The Hertford County Board of Education is seeking a superintendent to lead the school system in its continuing pursuit of excellence. Candidates must have or be qualified to hold a North Carolina superintendent license. Central office and building-level experience are preferred. A doctorate degree or progress toward a doctorate degree is preferred but not required. The individual chosen will be required to live in the Hertford County school district. The application deadline is July 23. An electronic version of the application is available by going to the N.C. School Board Association's website at and clicking on the appropriate link. Inquiries and requests for applications also can be directed to Allison Schafer, Legal Counsel/Director of Policy, North Carolina School Boards Association, PO Box 97877, Raleigh NC 27624-7877, telephone 919.841.4040, fax 919.841.4020, e-mail All inquiries will be kept confidential.

Finance Officers' Newsletter Online

The May 29 edition of the Finance Officers' newsletter is online and contains the following items: FY 2014-15 ABC Transfers, BUD Reminders from Salary, PRC 156-Reminder RttT Closeout, PRC 160-RttT Wireless Infrastructure, and Federal Grants Award Information. To read more, please go to the NCDPI's Financial and Business Services Web site at and click on Resources, then Newsletters.