MESSAGES 2015 :: JUNE 26, 2015

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Digital Learning Plan Update

Dear Superintendents,

Dr. Tracy Weeks, chief academic and digital learning officer at NCDPI, wanted this shared with you all. - NCDPI Communications

Digital Learning Plan
(pdf, 3.0mb)

Update on NC Digital Learning Plan: This month, the NC Digital Learning Plan team provided an update to both the NC State Board of Education at their June meeting and to the NC School Boards Association at their Summer Leadership Seminar. We have attached an updated PDF of those presentations, where we provided the first summary of data from NC Digital Learning Progress Rubric completed by every district and 120 charter schools. Thank you for your leadership in getting the rubric completed so we can have an updated state-wide snapshot to prioritize resources and sequence of steps for the NC Digital Learning Plan

Jeni O. Corn, Ph.D.
Director of Evaluation Programs
Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
College of Education, NC State University