MESSAGES 2015 :: JUNE 29, 2015

Action Research: "Real Time" Powerful Learning for Teachers

The NC Educator Evaluation process calls for teachers to be reflective leaders who develop and implement strategies to improve personal performance. The differentiation required to equip students with the 21st century skills necessary to be college and career ready, demands targeted professional development and planning opportunities that are evermore complex. When teachers take the time to analyze their instructional practices, and collect evidence of their students' responses to their teaching, they develop a valid voice for what works in classrooms, through job-embedded, evidence-based professional development. This process is Action Research.

Teacher Comments: Read comments about teacher experiences participating in the Action Research online module facilitated course:

GTN Participant Comments_R7 and 8 w logo.docx - Google Docs June 22, 2015 GTN Participant Comments My participation in the Governor's Teacher Network helped to develop my action research skills as well as increase my knowledge base as a professional educator. Prior to this project, I was too intimidated to conduct action research in my classroom. I didn't Read more...

Summer Opportunity: Learn from members of the Governor's Teacher Network (GTN) who engaged in practical research to explore and implement effective instructional strategies while achieving positive student outcomes. Participants will have the opportunity to learn firsthand from practicing teachers who will share the strategies and outcomes they developed by conducting action research in their classrooms. Click here for an exciting summer opportunity,

Encourage colleagues to explore the process through our self-paced course or the facilitated online Mooclet, Action Research for Teachers. The self-paced course is available now, or you may sign up for the facilitated course, launching fall of 2015.