MESSAGES 2015 :: AUGUST 6, 2015

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Federal OCR Certification Status

Dear OCR Coordinators,

The CRDC Federal Submission Portal closes Friday, August 7, 2015. Attached are two lists provided by the Federal OCR staff; one list indicates those who have certified and the other list indicates those who have not. These lists are as of 5 p.m., August 5, 2015. If you feel that you have performed the certification process in the Federal Submission Portal and are on the 'Districts that have not Certified' list, please contact Partner Support at 844.338.2732. If you have not certified your data already, you have until midnight, August 7 to complete the submission.

Please be reminded that this collection is for districts and schools open in the 2013-14 school year.

LEA and Charter Schools will continue to receive messages from the Federal Government indicating the approximate percentage of the collection completed. Messages from the Federal Government are sent to the OCR Coordinator contact as well as the Superintendent. In addition, the Federal Government will begin to reach out to the Superintendents on an individual basis.

To complete the submission, designated staff must log into the Federal Submission Portal to certify the collection. To login, click:

Please be reminded that all LEAs and Charter Schools must add Teacher Absenteeism data and resolve all errors in order to certify. For tips on adding Teacher Absenteeism data, please refer to the final OCR Status presentation (slides 120-125) located at:

Once all data entry is complete, click the Certification link located in the top right corner of the Federal Submission Portal landing page to certify. From this page, OCR Coordinators have the ability to view progress of each school and the Errors that must be resolved prior to certifying. Warnings, on the other hand, are information only and are not required to be resolved. Once the data has been reviewed and updated, scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Ready for Certification'.

To review the data in an easily readable format, click the Reports link located in the top right corner of the Federal Submission Portal landing page. Click the 'Download Submission Review Report'. These reports are also available after the certification process is complete.

If you require additional time to review your data and would like to request an extension, click the Admin link located in the top right corner of the Federal Submission Portal landing page. From the System Management section, click the 'Submit Extension Request' button. Please be as specific as possible. The staff at Partner Support have indicated it may take up to three days to confirm the request.

If, as the OCR contact, you have not received an account for the Federal Submission Portal, please contact Partner Support at 844.338.2732 or CRDC@SANAMETRIX.COM. Federal Resources for the CRDC are located at:

We thank those who have already certified and will provide as much assistance as possible to those remaining.

Please feel free to contact Terra Dominguez at with any questions or concerns you may have.

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