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Nov 2, 2017
(pdf, 346kb)
School Report Card Data Preview Period
Nov 1, 2017
(pdf, 227kb)
Update on Needs-Based Public School Capital Fund Applications
Nov 1, 2017
(pdf, 201kb)
Summer School 2017-18
Oct 27, 2017
(pdf, 232kb)
Important Information About Class Size Affidavits
Oct 16, 2017
(pdf, 204kb)
Class Size Affidavit and Instructions
Oct 10, 2017
(pdf, 204kb)
Requirements for Low-Performing Districts and Schools
Oct 5, 2017
(pdf, 202kb)
Release of Draft Updated Class Size Reports
Oct 3, 2017
(pdf, 205kb)
Alternate Assessment Participation Under ESSA
Sep 14, 2017
(pdf, 203kb)
2017-18 Minimal Delay in Scores for English II End-of-Course (EOC) and English III North Carolina Final Exam (NCFE) with Constructed Response Items
Sep 8, 2017
(pdf, 202kb)
Read to Achieve Alternative Assessments
Sep 7, 2017
(pdf, 206kb)
2018 Session of the North Carolina Governor's School
Sep 6, 2017
(pdf, 204kb)
Pause on Reform Model Application Approval
Sep 6, 2017
(pdf, 209kb)
Embargoed 2016-17 Accountability Results Release
Aug 30, 2017
(pdf, 203kb)
2018 U.S. Presidential Scholars Program
Aug 30, 2017
(pdf, 203kb)
Annual Health Assessment and Immunization Compliance Reporting
Aug 30, 2017
(pdf, 204kb)
2017–18 ACT WorkKeys Testing Modifications and Eligibility Requirements
Aug 25, 2017
(pdf, 207kb)
Consent for Release of Contact Information to NCDPI and the Residential Schools for the Deaf and Blind
Aug 25, 2017
(pdf, 869kb)
School Bus Safety - Policy Reminder
Aug 24 2017
(pdf, 277kb)
A Video Message from State Superintendent Mark Johnson
Aug 23, 2017
(pdf, 251kb)
A Message to School Leaders from State Superintendent Mark Johnson
Aug 23, 2017
(pdf, 204kb)
Adherence to the 10/20 Day Rule
Aug 18, 2017
(pdf, 302kb)
Career and College Ready Graduates Legislation
Aug 14, 2017
(pdf, 211kb)
Webinar Scheduled on 2016-17 Accountability Release (Aug. 23)
Aug 9, 2017
(pdf, 204kb)
Conversion of Teaching Positions to Dollars for International Faculty Exchange Programs
Aug 8, 2017
(pdf, 203kb)
Testing and Accountability Updates 2017-18
Aug 7, 2017
(pdf, 212kb)
Alternative Accountability Model Options for 2017-18
Aug 4, 2017
(pdf, 201kb)
2017-18 Participation in Field Tests and Special Studies
Jul 24, 2017
(pdf, 203kb)
Exceptional Children Educator of Excellence Recognition
Jul 20, 2017
(pdf, 252kb)
July 27 is Deadline to Comment on ESSA Draft State Plan
Jul 20, 2017
(pdf, 264kb)
Personalized and Digital Learning Opportunity
Jun 30, 2017
(pdf, 654kb)
•  State Board of Education Meets Next Thursday
•  Comment Now on Every Student Succeeds Act Draft State Plan
•  Assistant Principal Contact Information Needed
•  NCVPS Invites You to Its 2017 Virtual Open House
•  Career and College Ready Graduates Summit Save the Date
Jun 28, 2017
(pdf, 202kb)
Grade 8 Mathematics Testing
Jun 19, 2017
(pdf, 677kb)
•  Webinar Focuses on Understanding Standards-Based Grading
•  K-12 Mathematics Review, Revision and Implementation Update
•  NCVPS Summer School
•  New Administrator Guide to Effective School Counseling and Evaluation Module in Home Base
•  Summer Professional Development Opportunities
•  Latest Messages Online
Jun 14, 2017
(pdf, 201kb)
Lowering of North Carolina State Flag - June 14
Jun 13, 2017
(pdf, 203kb)
Performance Requirements for Continuing License Renewals
Jun 12, 2017
(pdf, 1.1mb)
•  June 16 is Deadline for Home Base Opt-in
•  K-12 Mathematics Survey Underway
•  2017 Healthy Active Children Progress Report
•  Concussion Management and Monitoring for all NC Public School Students
•  Multi-Tiered System of Support: 2016-17 Wrap Up
•  NC K-3 Formative Assessment Process: Success During the Kindergarten Year
•  2016-17 Curriculum Leaders Collaborative: Standards Implementation
•  Superintendent Vacancy Announced: Camden County Schools
•  Growing Success for ELs
•  Latest Message Online
Jun 6, 2017
(pdf, 204kb)
June 26 Superintendents' Quarterly Meeting
Jun 5, 2017
(pdf, 1.1mb)
•  State Board of Education Meeting Highlights
•  Revised K-8 Mathematics Standards Approved
•  Mathematics Education Survey
•  K-3 Literacy Presentation Online
•  Credit by Demonstrated Mastery Refresher Webinar
•  Council on Educational Services for Exceptional Children Schedules Meeting
•  Home Base Opt-in Update; Deadline Approaching
•  Digital Learning Competencies for Teachers and Administrators
•  PowerTeacher Pro Resources
•  Multi-Tiered System of Support: Support Systems
•  NCVPS Update
•  NCETA Seeking Teacher Nominations
•  Latest Messages Online
May 31, 2017
(pdf, 202kb)
Key Dates for the 2016-17 READY Accountability Report and School Performance Grades
May 30, 2017
(pdf, 699kb)
•  State Board of Education Meeting Begins Today
•  House Budget Webinar Reminder
•  NCVPS Stakeholder Survey
•  Multi-Tiered System of Support: End-of-Year Follow-up Sessions
•  New North Carolina Educator Evaluation System (NCEES) Resources
•  Latest Messages Online
May 26, 2017
(pdf, 199kb)
Lowering of US and NC Flags for Memorial Day (May 29)
May 25, 2017
(pdf, 251kb)
Budget Webinar Rescheduled - New Date: June 2
May 25, 2017
(pdf, 234kb)
Tuesday Webinar on House Budget
May 22, 2017
(pdf, 1.1mb)
•  NCVPS NC Math 1 Intervention Co-Teaching Program Webinar
•  NC Digital Learning Data Dashboard Release
•  PowerTeacher Pro Update
•  PowerSchool 10.0 Implementation Date
•  Home Base Opt-in Update
•  Schoolnet News
•  EdCamp Scheduled for June 21 as Part of Connected Educator Series
•  Multi-Tiered System of Support: Importance of a "Compelling Why"
•  Data Driven Prevention + Data Responsive Problem Solving = Healthy School Environments
•  Financial and Business Services' Summer Conference
•  Superintendent Vacancy Announced: Durham Public Schools
•  Latest Messages Online
May 15, 2017
(pdf, 1.2mb)
•  Friday is Deadline to Boost Summer Reading with myON
•  NCVPS Summer Session Begins June 19
•  Evaluation/Professional Development Plans
•  End of Year for Home Base
•  Schoolnet: It's Opt-In Time!
•  Friday Institute Offers Professional Learning on Personalized and Digital Learning
•  Summer Teacher Leadership Workshops 2017
•  NC K-3 Formative Assessment Process: Success During the Kindergarten Year
•  Driver Education Advisory Committee to Meet
•  2017 Principal of the Year Named
•  Latest Messages Online
May 10, 2017
(pdf, 205kb)
Link to NC Commerce Department Tiers for NC Counties
May 9, 2017
(pdf, 267kb)
Senate Budget Highlights Webinar - Wednesday at 3 pm
May 8, 2017
(pdf, 836kb)
•  May 8-12 is Teachers' Appreciation Week
•  State Board of Education Meeting Highlights
•  Math Spring Regional Face-to-Face Sessions
•  Home Base Opt-in Tool Release
•  Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor Trainings Reminder
•  Data Driven Prevention + Data Responsive Problem Solving = Healthy School Environments
•  NCVPS and Shared Courses
•  Media Coordinators Receive AASL Grants
•  Latest Messages Online
May 3, 2017
(pdf, 200kb)
Carteret County Schools Board of Education Resolution
May 2, 2017
(pdf, 231kb)
Public Safety Fliers - Help in Hurricane Matthew Aftermath
May 1, 2017
(pdf, 890kb)
•  NCDPI Partners with myON to Boost Summer Reading
•  State Board of Education Meets This Week
•  New Draft State Plan for the ESSA
•  NCEES May Webinars
•  Schoolnet Survey Spring 2017
•  Multi-Tiered System of Support: Universal Screening and Progress Monitoring to Support Early Numeracy
•  Global Education Update
•  Superintendent Vacancy Announced: Pender County Schools
•  Latest Messages Online
Apr 26, 2017
(pdf, 204kb)
Home Base Opt-in Tool Now Available
Apr 24, 2017
(pdf, 752kb)
•  North Carolina Student Surveys: Spring Administration Ends Friday
•  Multi-Tiered System of Support: Self Assessment
•  Rowan-Salisbury Schools' Administrator Included in "20 to Watch" for 2016-17
•  E-Learning Advisor of the Year Candidates Announced
•  Three Middle Schools Tapped as Schools to Watch; 11 Middle Schools Earn Re-Designation
•  Manage Your Email Subscriptions with NCDPI
•  Latest Messages Online
Apr 18, 2017
(pdf, 202kb)
Invitation - May 2 State Board of Education Planning Session on ESSA
Apr 13, 2017
(pdf, 200kb)
Alternate Assessment Participation Under ESSA
Apr 10, 2017
(pdf, 1.2mb)
•  State Board of Education Meeting Highlights
•  New English Language Arts Standards Approved
•  NC Check-Ins Approval and Expansion
•  Webinar Scheduled on Grade 8 Math Testing and Other Updates
•  School Bus Safety Message Must be Year-Round
•  NCDPI Partners with myON to Boost Summer Reading
•  NC K-3 Formative Assessment Process: Success During the Kindergarten Year
•  Multi-Tiered System of Support: Self-Assessment
•  Implementation Science: Implementation Frameworks
•  EdCamp Scheduled for June 21 as Part of Connected Educator Series
•  Onslow County Teacher Wins NC's Top Honors
•  Don't Miss This
Apr 3, 2017
(pdf, 758kb)
•  State Board of Education Meets This Week
•  Superintendent Unveils New Reading Initiative
•  NCVPS Opens Registration
•  Notice of Public Comment: NC Extended Content Standards for English Language Arts
•  Multi-Tiered System of Support: Intentional Connections with the MTSS Team
•  Schoolnet: Data for All Users
•  NCEES Webinars
•  PBI Global Design Studio Showcase
Mar 28, 2017
(pdf, 206kb)
Quarterly Meeting Agenda for March 29
Mar 27, 2017
(pdf, 952kb)
•  Comment Now on Draft 2 of the State's K-8 Mathematics Standards
•  Home Base Pricing for 2017-18
•  PowerTeacher Pro Training
•  Homework Gap Survey
•  CTE Technical Attainment Monitoring and Compliance Model
•  Cooperative Innovative High Schools' Support
•  Multi-Tiered System of Support: CCSA Presentation
•  Howard Lee Receives Jay Robinson Leadership Award
•  April is School Library Month
•  Impact Aid Survey Webinar
•  Latest Messages Online
Mar 20, 2017
(pdf, 846kb)
•  March 22 is Deadline to Register for Superintendents' Quarterly
•  State Board Approves Hall to Lead NC Achievement School District
•  State Superintendent Hires Senior Legislative Director/Chief Budget Advisor
•  NCDPI Joins NC Business Community for Students@Work Week
•  Multi-Tiered System of Support: Presentations to State Board of Education
•  Superintendent Vacancy Announced: Washington County Schools
•  Professional Development Courses
•  PowerTeacher Pro Implementation Plan
•  Digital Learning Competencies District Leadership Calendar Changes
•  Welcome to Greensboro for #CCSA17
•  Latest Messages Online
Mar 13, 2017
(pdf, 1018kb)
•  Exceptional Children Division Announces ECATS Contract Award
•  CTE Technical Attainment Monitoring
•  Register Now for Next Connected Educator Session
•  New Functionality Coming to PowerSchool
•  Schoolnet: Data for All Users
•  Textbook Adoption Process Update
•  Multi-Tiered System of Support: Presentations to State Board of Education
•  Last Call to Nominate Teachers for 2017 NC Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching
•  Collaborative Conference for Student Achievement Updates
•  Latest Messages Online
Mar 6, 2017
(pdf, 725kb)
•  State Board of Education Meeting Highlights
•  ELA Standards Revision Update
•  March 6-10 is National School Breakfast Week in NC
•  PowerTeacher Pro Cohort I Interest Survey
•  School Counselor Needs Survey Released
•  Latest Messages Online
Feb 28, 2017
(pdf, 205kb)
2017 Timeline for Submission of CIHS Applications
Feb 28, 2017
(pdf, 204kb)
Online Testing Updates 2017-18
Feb 27, 2017
(pdf, 792kb)
•  State Board of Education Meets This Week
•  Public Notice for Participation and Comments on the NC Application for Grant Award Under Part B of the IDEA as Amended in 2004 for Federal Fiscal Year 2017
•  State Superintendent Opens Home Base Symposium
•  College Board Names Five NC School Districts to 2016 AP Honor Roll
•  Multi-Tiered System of Support: Cohort Coordinators
•  Superintendent Vacancy Announced: Public Schools of Robeson County
•  NCVPS Offers NC Math 1 Intervention Program
•  A+ Schools of North Carolina to Host Regional Information Meetings for Potential A+ Schools
•  Latest Messages Online
Feb 24, 2017
(pdf, 205kb)
March 29, 2017 Superintendents' Quarterly Meeting
Feb 23, 2017
(pdf, 204kb)
Youth Mental Health First Aid Training - Revised Memo
Feb 20, 2017
(pdf, 826kb)
•  Just in Time Mathematics Supports Redesigned
•  Digital Learning Competencies and Licensure Renewal Survey
•  General Assembly Report Addresses School Calendar Law
•  Curriculum and Instruction Leaders' Forum Update
•  Next Connected Educator Session Scheduled for March 16
•  NCVPS Offers Culture Cafe
•  Deadline Approaching to Nominate Teachers for 2017 NC Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching
•  Latest Messages Online
Feb 20, 2017
(pdf, 202kb)
NC Network to Transform Teaching Invitation
Feb 13, 2017
(pdf, 1.1mb)
•  Update on ESSA State Plans
•  North Carolina Student Surveys
•  Severe Weather Preparedness Week: March 5-11
•  Global Education Update
•  Multi-Tiered System of Support: How are We Collaborating to Offer Supports?
•  Hold March 20 for Curriculum Leaders and Instructional Leaders' Forum
•  PowerSchool's New Grade Book Featured at Home Base Symposium
•  Schoolnet: Data for All Users
•  Superintendent Vacancy Announced: Granville County Schools
•  NC GreenPower Solar Schools Pilot Program
•  Latest Messages Online
Feb 8, 2017
(pdf, 464kb)
SBE Launches New Policy Manual Site
Feb 8, 2017
(pdf, 149kb)
NC School Report Cards LEA Additional Preview Period Begins Today
Feb 7, 2017
(pdf, 130kb)
Home Base Symposium Reminder
Feb 6, 2017
(pdf, 863kb)
•  State Board of Education Meeting Highlights
•  February is Black History Month
•  New! NCDPI Releases a "Blue" Canvas Icon
•  Cybersecurity Awareness: Increase in Phishing Attacks
•  Career and College Ready Graduates Information Sessions
•  Schoolnet: Data for All Users
•  Home Base Early Registration Extended to Feb. 10
•  CCSA Keynote Speaker Set to Fire You Up!
•  APH Resource Extravaganza
•  Latest Messages Online
Feb 1, 2017
(pdf, 131kb)
Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities Approved to Provide Special Education
Jan 31, 2017
(pdf, 132kb)
Clarification of Recurring Low-Performing Schools Reform Model Memo Sent Jan. 20, 2017
Jan 30, 2017
(pdf, 870kb)
•  State Board of Education Meets This Week
•  Educational Stability of Children in Foster Care Under Title I, Part A
•  Webinar on ELA Standards Scheduled for District Curriculum Leaders
•  Multi-Tiered System of Support: Tiers of Support
•  Superintendent Vacancy Announced: Harnett County Schools
•  Feb. 23 is Digital Learning Day 2017
•  NC Research Triangle - Tech for Schools Summit
•  Deadline Approaching for Home Base Symposium Early Bird Registration
•  Latest Messages Online
Jan 23, 2017
(pdf, 749kb)
•  Recuring Low-Performing Schools Reform Model
•  2017 NC Regional Teachers of the Year Announced
•  Revised Mathematics Standards Update
•  NCVPS NC Math 1 Intervention Course Webinar
•  Recruitment and Retention of Special Educators Summit
•  Spring 2017 Principal READY Dates Set
•  Registered for CCSA? Check!
•  Latest Messages Online
Jan 20, 2017
(pdf, 139kb)
Second NC School Report Cards Release
Jan 20, 2017
(pdf, 131kb)
Recurring Low-Performing Schools Reform Model
Jan 17, 2017
(pdf, 841kb)
•  K-8 Mathematics Standards Review Update
•  NC SchoolJobs Powered by PeopleAdmin
•  NC Student Surveys
•  Multi-Tiered System of Support: A Part of Everyday Business
•  Center for Safer Schools Joins NCDPI
•  Digital Teaching & Learning: Professional Learning
•  Speak Up, North Carolina!
•  2017 Home Base Symposium
•  Request for Student Presentations at CCSA
•  Nominations for 2017 NC Presidential Awards for Mathematics and Science Teaching Due April 1
•  Latest Messages Online
Jan 9, 2017
(pdf, 900kb)
•  State Board of Education Meeting Highlights
•  NC Standard Course of Study Update
•  STEM School Recognition Deadline Extended
•  NCVPS Still Enrolling for Spring Classes
•  February is Love the Bus Month
•  Multi-Tiered System of Support: Data-Evaluation Sessions
•  Principal Ready Sessions: Spring 2017
•  Superintendent Vacancy Announced: Asheville City Schools
•  Champion for Student Success Award Nominations Open
•  Grant Opportunity: Education Innovation and Research Programs
•  Latest Messages Online
Jan 9, 2017
(pdf, 138kb)
School Closure/Delay Query for Jan. 10 Decisions
Jan 8, 2017
(pdf, 135kb)
School Closure Info Sought for 4 p.m. Governor's Briefing
Jan 3, 2017
(pdf, 664kb)
•  Welcome to 2017
•  State Board of Education Meets This Week
•  Academically or Intellectually Gifted (AIG) Plan Review Update
•  Wake County Schools' Superintendent Finalist for National Award
•  NC Charter Schools Advisory Board to Meet
•  Second Annual Math Summit Registration Deadline Approaching
•  Deadline Extended to Submit CCSA Proposal