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MARCH 18, 2015

Agenda and Meeting Materials:

  • Superintendents' Quarterly Agenda
    (pdf, 148kb)

  • 2015 Education-Related Bills
    (pdf, 129kb)

  • North Carolina SBE Task Force on Summative Assessment - March 2015
    (pdf, 183kb)

  • Virtual Charter Funding
    (pdf, 216kb)

  • Hope Street Group - State Education Program
    (pdf, 1.2mb)

  • Hope Street Group - State Education Program FAQ
    (pdf, 153kb)

  • Professional Development Opportunities
    (pdf, 360kb)

  • Public Notice - Educator Equity Plan
    (pdf, 130kb)

  • Collaborative Conference for Student Achievement: Global Education Promo
    (pdf, 925kb)

  • Wireless Infrastructure Initiative
    (pdf, 909kb)

  • Through-Course Assessment Model Design for Grades 3-8
    (pdf, 253kb)

  • Request for Information: Interim Assessment System for Grades 3–8
    (pdf, 309kb)

  • Request for Information: High School Assessment Framework
    (pdf, 254kb)

  • North Carolina Public School Performance Trends - March 2015
    (pdf, 84kb)