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APRIL 13, 2016

Agenda and Meeting Materials:

  • Superintendents' Quarterly Agenda
    (pdf, 157kb)

  • Superintendents' Presentation
    (pdf, 1.2mb)

  • Career and College Ready Progress Booklet
    (pdf, 1.1mb)

  • Potential Indicators for a Multiple Measures System
    (pdf, 545kb)

  • Critical Area Outline Innovative Assessment Pilots
    (pdf, 187kb)

  • Educator Effectiveness - Draft
    (pdf, 290kb)

  • ES&P 1 – Attachment 2: Licensure Policy Changes
    (pdf, 186kb)

  • ESSA Schedule
    (pdf, 280kb)

  • ESSA Timeline
    (pdf, 75kb)

  • Foundations of Reading Test Objectives
    (pdf, 823kb)

  • Chronology for K – 8 Mathematics Standards Review
    (pdf, 112kb)

  • Standards Review Progress Update NC High School Mathematics
    (pdf, 109kb)

  • Mathematics Subtest Objectives and Data
    (pdf, 675kb)

  • Proposed Chronology for ELA Standards Review
    (pdf, 33kb)

  • Micro-credentialing
    (pdf, 662kb)

  • MultiSubjects Test Objectives and Data
    (pdf, 830kb)

  • NC Praxis Scores Tennessee Viginia Samples
    (pdf, 674kb)

  • NCStar
    (pdf, 124kb)