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Contact Information for Technology Services

Alhour, Julien Director, Architecture, Integration, and Quaility Assurance 919.807.4145
Ambati, Ratna Database Administrator 919.807.3217
Andrew, Steve Business Technology Specialist 919.807.3237
Arndt, Kit Business Technology Analyst 919.807.3216
Arthur, Cheri Customer Support Staff 919.807.4357
Bailey, Tammy Lead Financial Systems Specialist 919.807.3599
Barbour, Ken IT Manager Business Technology 919.807.3790
Baugess, Betsy IT Manager Business Technology 919.807.3276
Beatty, George Business Technology Specialist 919.807.4189
Bergene, Steve Business & Technology Applications Analyst - Architect 919.807.3753
Bissette, Gwen Technology Support Analyst 919.807.4357
Blas, Kelley Technology Services Analyst 919.807.4357
Broach, David IT Infrastructure Manager 919.807.3212
Bunn, Jerry RTT Project Mananger 919.807.3286
Chen, Ying Database Administrator 919.807.4026
Cheruvu, Saradhi (Sam) Business Technology Specialist 919.807.4013
Coats, Angela IT Operations Technician 919.807.4064
Comer, Ben HB Project Manager 919.807.3409
Coston, Helena Office Assistant 919.807.3247
Covington, Rosalyn Quality Assurance Analyst 919.807.4030
Dalton, Edward Business Analyst 919.807.3214
Galloway, Rosalyn Director, Student Information Systems 919.807.3261
Ghonge, Amol Business & TechnologyApplications Specialist - Architect 919.807.3415
Gilmore, Jason Network Security 919.807.3733
Goss, Shannon Administrative Assistant 919.807.3707
Grogan, Sue Business Technology Analyst 919.807.3419
Gu, May Business Technology Analyst 919.807.3587
Guntow, Jim Networking Specialist 919.807.3192
Hardy, Sirena Technology Support Specialist 919.807.3218
Hausner, Mark Business Technology Specialist 919.807.4055
Herring, Angelia Administrative Assistant 919.807.4199
Herring, Ashley Business Technology Analyst 919.807.3235
Hinson, Wendy Trainer 919.807.3256
Horky, Kathy Business Technology Analyst 919.807.3260
Humphreys, Vicki Lead Instructional Systems Specialist 919.807.3211
Hurley, Jeannene E-rate Administrator 252.624.9878
Iadonisi, Paul System Programmer/Specialist 919.807.3191
Ivey, Lori Business Technology Analyst 919.807.3520
Johnson, Michael Quality Assurance Analyst 919.807.3382
Jones, Wendy Technology Support Analyst 919.807.4357
Kerns, Donald Network Support Analyst 919.807.3586
Ketting, Ilona Technology Support Specialist 910.933.0624
King, Ron Business Technology Specialist 919.807.5054
Kinney, Tiffany Customer Support Staff 919.807.4357
Kitts, Doris Student Information Systems Analyst 919.807.3353
Kline, Emily Customer Support Staff 919.807.4357
Lawrie, Stephanie Business Technology Analyst 919.807.3252
Leeper, Joel Enterprise PMO Manager 919.807.3317
Lin, J.C. Business Technology Specialist 919.807.4192
Long, Audrey Technology Support Analyst 919.807.4357
Lowe, Linda IT Program Manager 919.807.3212
Lucarelli, Robin Business & Technology Applications - Analyst 919.807.4159
May, Penny Technology Support Analyst 919.807.4357
McKenzie, Alford E-Rate Specialist 980.277.4425
McKinney, Doug Business Technology Specialist 919.807.3222
Mcleod, Lee Networking Specialist 919.807.3208
Nicolaides, Michael Chief Information Officer 919.807.3606
O'Farrow, Khalilah Technology Support Specialist 704.532.7881
Ogburn, Erik Lead Quality Assurance Specialist 919.807.3439
Parekh, Manish Database Administrator 919.807.4017
Parker, Quentin IT Manager Business Technology 919.807.3215
Parsons, Diane Student Information Systems Analyst 919.807.4357
Perry, Sid Database Administrator 919.807.3843
Phelps, George Business & Technology Applications Analyst 919.807.3236
Pollard, Lawrence Networking Analyst 919.807.3231
Pothireddy, Suresh Lead Business & Technology Applications Specialist - Architect 919.807.3264
Ramsey, Michael Networking Analyst 828.278.9770
Randolph, Lorie Technology Services Analyst 919.807.4357
Roch, Donna Deputi CIO, Director Business Technology 919.807.3253
Rouse, Cathy Business Technology Analyst 919.807.3213
Sadiq, Muhammad Quality Assurance Analyst 919.807.3193
Sims, Jennifer Technology Support Specialist 252.257.1195
Skelton, Kevin Business Technology Specialist 919.807.3417
Smith, Patricia Technology Support Specialist 919.345.5826
Stevens, Thomas Business Technology Analyst 919.807.3209
Strickland, Rhonda IT Office Supervisor 919.807.3416
Stubblefield, George Business Technology Analyst 919.807.3779
Ussery, LaDansa Student Information Systems Analyst 919.807.4357
Veach, Gayle Technology Support Analyst 919.807.4357
Vu, Alex Business Technology Analyst 919.807.3281
Vu, Mindy Business Technology Analyst 919.807.3359
Wease, Timothy Networking Analyst 704.471.0122
Weiss, Ken IT Project Manager 919.807.4067
White, Will Lead Database Administrator 919.807.3224
Williams, Lakesha Customer Support Staff 919.807.4357
Wilson, Yolanda Student Information Systems Analyst 919.807.3257
Winchester, Jared Business Technology Analyst 919.807.3676
Wong, Agnes Lead Network Administrator 919.807.4061
Yen, Paul Business Technology Analyst 919.807.4196