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Welcome to the Textbook Adoption home page. The material on this site provides information about the statewide textbook adoption process in North Carolina. The Textbook Commission has a membership of twenty-three members: teachers, principals, parents, and a local superintendent. The Governor appoints members to serve four-year terms. Textbooks are evaluated using criteria that is based on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. Adopted textbooks are placed on contract for five years. You may find more information about the textbook adoption process, the Textbook Commission, the textbook catalog, and the Invitation to Submit Textbooks for Evaluation and Adoption in North Carolina in the various sections of the site.

Science adoption is planned for 2015. The call for submission or the "Invitation to Submit Textbooks for Evaluation and Adoption in North Carolina" is now available. Only publishers who are on the NC Publishers Registry may submit textbooks and materials for evaluation. Publishers wishing to be added to the registry may do so by completing this form.

Invitation to Submit Textbooks for Eval and Adoption in NC