The North Carolina State Board of Education includes a complete listing of textbooks and other instructional materials recommended by the North Carolina Textbook Commission for use by local school systems.

Each year a call or the Invitation to Submit Textbooks for Evaluation and Adoption in North Carolina goes to publishers to request submission of textbooks/instructional materials for evaluation.

The entire adoption process from this point throughout the final adoption stresses compatibility with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and the appropriateness of the materials for the teachers and students who are the end users.

The Commission convenes to discuss the evaluators' and their own findings and to draft a list of recommendations to present to the State Board of Education.

At a State Board meeting, the Board formally adopts the list of materials, considering the recommendations of the Textbook Commission.

After the state adoption, local textbook selection committees begin another round of review and evaluation to determine which materials best suit the needs of their students.

Only publishers who are on the NC Publishers Registry may submit textbooks and materials for evaluation.