In order to prepare to seek a teaching position in North Carolina, the following items should be considered:

NC Application for Teaching Employment
If you are eligible for hire as a teacher, minimally through lateral entry, you must complete this application first.

Supplemental Application Items with the School Systems
Some school systems (referred to as LEA - local education agencies), have supplemental applications above that required by the state. You must check with each school system for which you wish to apply and find out their local application requirements. You can find a list of LEA personnel contacts and websites here.

Resume and Cover Letters
You will need appropriate resume and cover letters for each position for which you attempt to seek employment. Typically, once you have completed state and local application requirements, the LEA will provide direction on how to approach schools with vacancies in your eligible subject areas if pursuing minimally a lateral entry hire.

Job Fairs
Job fairs are one of the best mechanisms for selling your potential to a school system. These events are where the school systems make a great deal of hiring decisions. The DPI maintains a calendar of such events here.

Request a Job Sweep
Please contact us (link this to contact page) to request a "job sweep" if you are eligible for hire and have already registered. We can perform a job sweep for up to 7 school systems per request, but will do so iteratively upon contact during any hiring season.

Resources for Transcript Reviews (IHE, RALC)
Two main mechanisms exist to determine the exact "plan of study" required to gain teaching licensure. There are a variety of path options for doing this, but the basics boil down to:

  1. Contacting a college or university (known as Institutions of Higher Education, IHE) that has a state approved education program in your desired subject area and grade level. An education advisor at such an institution can review current transcripts that provide a path of study that leads to a teaching license.
  2. Contact the Regional Alternative Licensing Center and determine if you qualify for a review by that organization. Typically the RALC's can provide a more flexible "plan of study" because they do not require that all coursework be completed at one single college/university. Rather they have options for meeting subject area and pedagogy competencies at several regional institutions. This could make completing a teacher education program more flexible for many individuals.
    • One caveat is that a license obtained through the recommendation of an RALC plan of study can carry portability issues with other states. If you plan on staying in North Carolina for at least three years (clearing ILT) it is a great alternative approach.

Contact an NC TTT Mentor – Profiles
There are several participants in the Troops to Teachers program that have volunteered their time to help new separating service members with the transition to teaching. These are program participants actively engaged in the profession. They make an excellent resource for folks that want recent hands-on advice about teaching. Call our office after registration to see if a volunteer mentor is in your area, 888.878.1600.